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Content 5 JAN 2024

Winsing unveils exclusive showroom during 2024 Hong Kong Toy Fair

5 JAN 2024
Visitors to the showroom will be treated to an exclusive preview of the highly anticipated toy collection regarding Winsing’s flagship IP "GOGOBUS" and "GG Bond."

Content 7 SEP 2023

Winsing launched GG Bond and GOGOBUS' new toylines on its Fall products event

7 SEP 2023
The company introduced six new toylines derived from the flagship animation IPs, and also featured three original IPs "Mega Meow", "Mongo", and "Shadows of the Void".

Content 31 JUL 2023

Winsing's "GG Bond" increases its popularity among Chinese Gen Z audience

31 JUL 2023
The hashtag #GGBOND has been used over 10.22 billion times on Douyin (TikTok), 1 billion times on Kuaishou and has topped the trending topics of Weibo.

Interviews 14 JUN 2023

Winsing Animation, a consolidated company with new Chinese IPs

14 JUN 2023
The production and distribution company is looking to inserting in the Western market. Sophie Lau, Head of International Marketing, expressed the desire to find some new distribution and co-production partners for its Chinese IP's.

Content 1 MAY 2023

Winsing's new feature film "Racing 72H" debuted on Chinese theatres

1 MAY 2023
The 8th animated feature film of the Chinese company was released in the cinema the last April 29 in mainland China.