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Content 16 NOV 2023

Special extended “Bluey” episode to premiere on ABC Australia and Disney+

16 NOV 2023
BBC Studios Kids & Family have revealed that a special extended episode of the critically-acclaimed and multi-award-winning TV show “Bluey” will premiere globally next year on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) and Disney+.

Digital 15 AUG 2023

BBC Studios to launch the first-ever "Bluey" mobile app game, “Bluey: Let’s Play”

15 AUG 2023
“Bluey: Let’s Play” is free to download and gives free access to locations such as the kitchen and backyard, as well as characters Bingo and Bluey. Paid subscribers will be given access to more characters and locations.

Content 20 JUN 2023

Disney+ plans to add new "Bluey" episodes in the UK and Ireland

20 JUN 2023
The episodes will become available on the platform on Wednesday, 12 July. The title is a joint commission by BBC Studios Kids & Family and ABC Children’s, and is produced by multi-Emmy® Award-winning Ludo Studio in association with Screen Queensland and Screen Australia.