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Content 26 JAN 2023

Content Americas 2023: Canada’s CosMedia launches distribution arm in Latin America

26 JAN 2023
The announcement follows a landmark distribution deal with Incendo to represent its movie catalogue to Latin American buyers.

Digital 29 NOV 2022

Incendo and Tubi announce a new "Terror Train" horror film

29 NOV 2022
"Terror Train 2" pays homage to the original 1980 film and will premiere New Year’s Eve exclusively in the U.S. on Tubi and on Bell Media’s Crave in Canada.

Content 14 SEP 2022

Incendo and Tubi work together in two new horror films

14 SEP 2022
"Marry F*** Kill" written by Ian Carpenter & Aaron Martin and an adaptation of Hans Holzer’s Iconic novel "The Amityville Curse", scripted by Dennis Heaton are slated for production in 2022.

Digital 12 MAY 2022

Tubi to launch "Terror Train" cult classic horror film Remake

12 MAY 2022
The new adaptation, produced by Incendo, fulfills a long-time made request from many horror fans. The film reboot wrapped production recently in Montreal and will be available in the U.S. exclusively on Tubi.

Content 28 APR 2022

Incendo's "As Gouda As It Gets" writer, James Phillips, was recognized at WGC Awards

28 APR 2022
Phillips got the award for the Romantic Comedy Film "As Gouda As It Gets", available to stream on Citytv in Canada and globally distributed by Incendo.