Incendo and Tubi sign a new partnership on "Guess Who" horror film

Montreal-shot feature from Canadian prodco is led by rising stars of horror, Keeya King and Corteon Moore, with acclaimed director Amelia Moses at the helm.


"Guess Who"


Canadian producer Incendo announces its all-new original horror film "Guess Who" was commissioned by the FOX-owned streaming giant Tubi, marking the fifth film produced as a part of the Incendo/Tubi content partnership.

The Montreal-shot film "Guess Who" is written by Matt Wells ("Crown & Anchor"), Ian Carpenter and Aaron Martin ("Terror Train"), and is helmed by celebrated horror director Amelia Moses ("Bloodthirsty"). Starring Canadians Keeya King ("Yellowjackets") and Corteon Moore ("From"), the movie flips a classic holiday tradition on its head when a masked psychotic killer hides behind the practice of ‘Mummering’ to wreak havoc on the inhabitants of a trailer park.

In "Guess Who", newly engaged Kaitlyn Martindale (King) is overjoyed at the chance to meet her fiancée Michael’s (Moore) family. The couple put aside their busy city lives and set out on a road trip to Duckworth Flats, a small, neglected, but tightknit trailer park community that thrives on the tradition of ‘Mummering,’ an event in which friends, family and neighbors go door to door in bizarre costumes and masks, performing songs, dances, and riddles in exchange for food and drink. At first, ‘Mummering’ seems like a strange, yet fun way to get to know her future in-laws and learn more about Michael’s roots, but each playful joke becomes more dangerous than the next. It isn’t long before Kaitlyn realizes one of the masked revelers is a psychotic killer, hiding behind the ‘Mummering’ tradition and preying on victims to get to her directly. As the festivities continue, the guessing game of ‘who’s who’ turns into one of survival as blood starts to stain the party red.

"Guess Who" is produced by Graham Ludlow and Kaleigh Kavanagh; Executive Producers are Graham Ludlow, Shari Segal, Kaleigh Kavanagh for Incendo, and Matt Wells. The film premiered Friday, January 19, exclusively on Tubi in the U.S.

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