13 JUN 2024

Big Media increases global sales for "Destruction Decode"

CuriosityStream, Pluto, Roku, Tubi, Insight TV, and A+E Latam Sign on for Season 1. Meanwhile, National Geographic gains exclusive worldwide Rights for Season 2. Season three is currently in pre-production.

13 JUN 2024

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Following series premieres on RTL’s n-tv in Germany and RMC in France, Big Media a producer and distributor of non-fiction content, has raked in more global sales for its original science series juggernaut "Destruction Decoded" (18x60’). Season 1 has been licensed to 20+ territories around the world, while Season 2 has been licensed in advance by National Geographic worldwide.

Recent sales for Season 1 include CuriosityStream, The Roku Channel, Tubi, Insight TV, Pluto US and A&E Latin America. National Geographic has bought exclusive rights to the upcoming season 2 of "Destruction Decoded" for its channels in the US and all other territories not covered by the series’ co-production partners, n-tv and RMC.

Danny Wilk, President BIG Media, expressed the existing enthusiasm for the series:"We have been absolutely blown away by the incredible response and demand for 'Destruction Decoded' around the world. News of this series’ early success in Europe traveled fast and broadcasters and streamers have been eager to tap into the buzz around the show. Sales of Season 1 have well exceeded our expectations and we are particularly excited to have Nat Geo on board for Season 2," commented.

Season 1 of the series uses cutting edge CGI and expert analysis to analyze the reasons and repercussions of some of the worst and most-destructive events around the world. From floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, and typhoons to plane and train crashes, and industrial disasters, Destruction Decoded shows how nothing happens by accident. Building upon this winning formula, Season 2 focuses on the devastation of monumental structural and mechanical failures, including sport-stadium disasters and motorsport accidents. 

As previously announced, "Destruction Decoded" has also been licensed to EarthX and Weigel TV in the United States, Pluto in the UK, Epic TV in India, CNC in Korea, and Alliant/Magellan TV worldwide. Season three is currently in pre-production.