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Content 22 JUN 2022

Ukraine Content Club is calling for partners

22 JUN 2022
The Ukraine Content Club, a joint initiative by Ukrainian and global media companies aimed at sustaining and supporting Ukraine’s audiovisual industry affected by Russian aggression, is now calling for partners.

Events 9 JUN 2022

NEM Day 3: The ever-lasting influence and future of television

9 JUN 2022
Industry professionals shared experiences proving television is here to stay and presented their vision of the media landscape. AMC Networks International announced the launch of the streaming service AMC+ in Central and Eastern Europe in 2023

Content 29 APR 2022

Italian-Ukrainian comedy "Koza Nostra" will be debut in Italy

29 APR 2022
Co-produced by Pepito Produzioni and FILM.UA with RAI Cinema, the film tells the story of Vlada Koza, a Ukrainian woman who travels to Italy to help raise her grandson.

Content 26 OCT 2021

FILM.UA to launch a new crime drama, "Nest of Snakes"

26 OCT 2021
The Ukrainian leading company was attending MIA Market this year, where it revealed the new drama at the Drama Co-production Market & Pitching Forum.