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Content 17 MAY 2023

Omens Studios launches new VR "Leo the Wildlife Ranger" shorts on YouTube

17 MAY 2023
Rendered in 4K and viewable using VR headsets, the one-minute series of kid-safe VR experiences will take audiences on animated adventures.

Content 30 MAR 2023

Omens Studios extends "123 Number Squad" and "Leo the Wildlife Ranger" with Mediacorp

30 MAR 2023
The agreement includes three seasons of 123 Number Squad spin off series "Paula & Pals" and four seasons of a refreshed version of "Leo the Wildlife Ranger."

Interviews 12 DEC 2022

Omens Studios, own IP's and success with global audiences

12 DEC 2022
Tang Chi Sim, founder and CEO of the company and Jason Sham, Operation Manager talk about the highlight titles of the animation studio and the new projects that are in development.

Content 14 FEB 2022

Singapore's MediaCorp recommissions Omens Studios' animated series

14 FEB 2022
20 new episodes of "Leo the Wildlife Ranger" and a further 40 episodes of "Counting with Paula" will air on MediaCorp’s okto block on Channel 5 during this and the following year.

Content 23 SEP 2021

Omens Studios' "Leo the Wildlife Ranger" goes global

23 SEP 2021
The second season of the series was sold in MENA, North America, Europe, APAC and Latin America.