12 DEC 2022

Omens Studios, own IP's and success with global audiences

Tang Chi Sim, founder and CEO of the company and Jason Sham, Operation Manager talk about the highlight titles of the animation studio and the new projects that are in development.


Tang Chi Sim and Jason Sham


Omens Studios is an award-winning animation studio with 14 years of track record and three current locations, Singapore, Malaysia, and the UK. The company has created and developed eight titles, among the highlights are "Counting With Paula", "Leo the Wildlife Ranger"and "123 Number Squad". "We are really happy with the reception of ‘123 Number Squad’, it was pre bought by Sky Kids in the UK, and by Mediacorp in Singapore, and we also partnered up with Guru Studios for its worldwide distribution," said Jason Sham, operation manager at the company.

Aimed at children aged 3-6, the first season of "123 Number Squad" follows Paula, Billy and Tim, three best friends with a shared love of numbers, hanging out together in their playroom HQ at 123 Numberville. “’Leo the Wildlife Ranger” has also sold in over 50 countries globally. The series aims to encourage knowledge and appreciation of wildlife and nature and to develop eco-awareness in young children. "Counting with Paula", aimed at children aged 3-6, is currently available in over 50 territories and follows six-year-old Paula and her friends making learning about numeracy, literacy and social development skills fun, easy and entertaining.

"We are really excited with the opportunities made possible by the wonderful partners we are working with, especially for ‘123 Number Squad’”, said Tang Chi Sim, founder and CEO of the company. "And we are always on the lookout for more like-minded, who are potentially looking for IPs or to develop together and then to bring new IP's into the international stage", he added.

Omens Studios has an active slate of new IP in development, such as “Eddy and The Ecosaurs” (52x11’), a dinosaur-themed show aimed at kids aged 5-8. The show follows novice scientist Eddy and his junior dinosaur crew thinking big to help others, all around Volcano Valley. Each dino has a specialist skill that befits their natural talents and size. Together, they help their evolving community of dino and human friends with all sorts of challenges and problems, using a winning mix of dino-strength, cool tech and teamwork.

In order to reach new audiences, Omens Studios is also developing for the Latin American market with customized content in Spanish. “'Leo the Wildlife Ranger” has over 430,000 subscribers now, and growing at a pretty nice pace, and "hopefully we can surpass the million mark soon", indicated Sham. "We do spend a lot of time to cater for that target audience. We have songs, we have dub episodes, we're working to grow that content for Spanish audiences", he completed.