masha-and-the-bear - Latest news

Content 8 JUL 2022

Animaccord launches "Shorties", a new "Masha and the Bear" spin-off

8 JUL 2022
The series will debut on digital platforms, with the exclusive premiere on Facebook and the subsequent release on YouTube.

Content 28 JUN 2022

Animaccord and Shimamura join forces in a new "Masha and the Bear" apparel in Japan

28 JUN 2022
The collection includes T-shirts of various designs with the cartoon characters and is available starting June in over 1,400 retail stores across the country.

Content 23 MAY 2022

Animaccord’s "Masha and The Bear" continues its global expansion

23 MAY 2022
The popular show has reached 100 billion views worldwide on YouTube last year, and it continues its international licensing, media and promotional activities.

Content 2 FEB 2022

Animaccord’s "Masha and the Bear" was the leading pre-school show worldwide

2 FEB 2022
The series was again ranked as a TOP-5 show among children (0-18) for 2020-2021, being more in-demand with global audiences than "PAW Patrol" and "Peppa Pig".

Content 18 JAN 2022

Animaccord keeps expanding the global phenomenon of "Masha and the Bear"

18 JAN 2022
The popular animated show from Russian studio Animaccord reached 100 billion views worldwide on YouTube last year, and the growth perspectives for this year are very huge.