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Research 23 MAY 2022

Have video streaming services reached maturity in Sweden yet?

23 MAY 2022
Mediavision’s analysis of the first quarter of 2022 shows that paid video streaming services have now reached maturity, following a decade of consistent growth.

Research 31 MAR 2022

Could TikTok spur the growth of AVOD in the Nordics?

31 MAR 2022
In the fall of 2021, Mediavision recorded a +30% Nordic growth for TikTok year-on-year – the biggest relative growth of all services in the region.

Research 23 FEB 2022

Will Netflix’s lead in the Nordics be challenged by Disney and HBO?

23 FEB 2022
According to a survey conducted by Mediavision in the Nordic countries, 73% of the respondents believe that one or several actors could challenge Netflix’s leadership in the market before 2025.

Research 15 FEB 2022

Could Tiktok spur growth of AVOD in the Nordics?

15 FEB 2022
During 2021, Tiktok has had a huge global impact, and the Nordic video market is no exception. The Chinese platform is now a real challenger to several of the already-established services, both in reach and share of viewing, according to Mediavision.

Research 28 JAN 2022

Standalone SVOD revenues hit a new record in Sweden

28 JAN 2022
Revenues from standalone SVOD subscriptions amounted to approximately 5 billion SEK for the full year of 2021, hitting a new record, according to Mediavision’s analysis of the Swedish streaming market for the fourth quarter and full year of 2021.