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Research 15 NOV 2023

Paid streaming services are now found in almost 70% of the Swedish households

15 NOV 2023
Today, close to 70% of the Swedish households have at least one SVOD service, according to Mediavision’s latest report, which also notes that a subscribing household on average pay for 2.5 services.

Research 25 OCT 2023

Sweden: Household media spend reaches new record level in Q3

25 OCT 2023
According to Mediavision's Q3 analysis of the Swedish market, despite a weaker economy, household media spend has increased by six percent compared to the same period last year.

Research 18 SEP 2023

Streaming broadens the role of the TV manufacturers in the Nordics

18 SEP 2023
According to Mediavision’s latest report, 70% of the Nordic households today have a paid streaming service, and as many as 75% of the Nordic households now have a TV set connected to the internet.

Research 31 AUG 2023

How much could the Swedish SVOD market grow without account sharing?

31 AUG 2023
Almost half of everyone with a SVOD subscription in Sweden shares at least one subscription with someone outside the household. If sharing was stopped, the SVOD market could potentially grow up to 16%, according to Mediavision.

Events 11 JUL 2023

NEM confirms its 2024 edition in Dubrovnik

11 JUL 2023
The TV market will be held from June 10 to 13 2024, again at the traditional Dubrovnik Palace Hotel.