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Interviews 27 FEB 2023

Bonnie Lener: “‘Molang’ is all about kindness and has universal values”

27 FEB 2023
Bonnie Lener, Producer, and Sépideh Shirazi-Moayed, Content Sales Director at Millimages, talk about the company’s expansion plans and new projects around its worldwide hit “Molang.”

Content 21 OCT 2022

Millimages' hit brand "Molang" will be full available on Netflix

21 OCT 2022
Seasons 2, 3 and 4 will begin airing on November 1, 2022 to the delight of Molang's 6M fans on social networks and its viewers in 195 countries.

Events 13 JUN 2022

MIFA 2022: Millimages to introduce new and current projects

13 JUN 2022
Millimages will be present at Mifa 2022 to introduce projects in development as well as current productions, including the sixth season of the iconic “Molang,” the company’s worldwide hit.

Content 25 MAY 2022

Millimages appoints new licensing agents for "Molang"

25 MAY 2022
With 15 prominent international L&M agencies signed up, the IP "Molang" is a high performance brand of the company.

Content 2 MAY 2022

Millimages’ “Molang” keeps charming audiences around the world

2 MAY 2022
Broadcasted in Italy on Rai Yoyo, “Molang’s” market share is above the average for the morning time slot, with peak viewing hitting double the normal numbers of the channel this month.