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Digital 9 AUG 2023

Why Netflix is right to chase gaming platform expansion?

9 AUG 2023
Even though there is likely not yet a meaningful portion of consumers subscribing to Netflix just for games, the streamer will eventually need more than just TV content, Morning Consult noted in its latest report.

Research 8 AUG 2023

Why on-demand content will help FAST services compete with SVOD?

8 AUG 2023
Over 2 in 5 FAST users (42%) say on-demand content is a major reason they use free ad-supported streaming services, while just 30% cited linear channels as a major reason, Morning Consult’s latest report reveal.

Research 7 JUN 2023

Would unscripted TV keep viewers engaged during the writers’ strike?

7 JUN 2023
Viewers pay more attention to what is on screen when they are watching scripted dramas or comedies versus unscripted programs like reality or game shows, according to Morning Consult.

Research 30 MAR 2023

Have Gen Z and Millennials already abandoned linear TV?

30 MAR 2023
While the traditional TV audience is mostly made up of Gen Xers and baby boomers, pay TV still regularly reaches younger consumers, albeit to a lesser degree, according to a new report from Morning Consult.

Research 13 DEC 2022

Who are Gen Z’s favorite actors and content creators?

13 DEC 2022
Americans between the ages of 13 and 25 were asked their opinions of 35 film actors and 35 internet content creators in a new Morning Consult survey set out to determine which stars they most like to see on their screens.