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Content 21 SEP 2023

Escapade Media appoints Anthony Appell to take over US and Scandinavia

21 SEP 2023
The Magnify Media alum will work with James Braham broadening Escapade reach and expertise in relation to commissioning, co-pro’s and pre-sales.

Interviews 20 APR 2023

Natalie Lawley: "We offer involvement and support from start to finish"

20 APR 2023
Natalie Lawley, Managing Director at Escapade Media, describes the advantages of working with the Australian production and distribution company and lists the three new projects they showcased at MIPTV.

Content 14 MAR 2023

Charo Penedo to represent Escapade's content in France and French-speaking territories

14 MAR 2023
Owner of Sureal TV, Charo Penedo has a 20-year career in international TV distribution and acquisitions. Currently based in Madrid, she developed her professional life in London, working for independent producers.

Content 2 MAR 2023

Escapade Media to globally represent "Whisky Trails" series with Luke McKenzie

2 MAR 2023
The new travel and lifestyle series from Britestar Productions takes audiences on a fascinating global journey into the changing world of whisky.

Content 15 NOV 2022

Daydreamers Worldwide to represent Escapade Media content in CEE region

15 NOV 2022
Based in Liechtenstein, Daydreamers Worldwide Entertainment, led by Ute Cichocki, has almost twenty years of trajectory in Eastern and Central Europe.