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Content 3 APR 2023

CMF to invest $366M in Canadian television and interactive digital media projects

3 APR 2023
During 2023-2024, funding swill provide stability to the industry as it moves towards a more content-centric, flexible model.

Content 22 DEC 2022

The CRTC announces the appointment of Vicky Eatrides

22 DEC 2022
Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage, announced the appointment of Vicky Eatrides as the next Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

Digital 7 FEB 2022

Streaming services will have to contribute to local stories and music in Canada

7 FEB 2022
The Minister of Canadian Heritage, Pablo Rodriguez, introduced the Online Streaming Act, which would require online streaming services to contribute to the creation and availability of Canadian stories and music.

Content 10 DEC 2021

The Principality of Monaco signs an agreement with TV5

10 DEC 2021
The Principality of Monaco's support for TV5 was formalized with the signature of an agreement defining the practical terms of membership and the TV5 Charter.