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Events 6 FEB 2023

Festival of Animation “Cartoons On The Bay” announces call for entries

6 FEB 2023
The International Festival of Animation, Transmedia, and Meta-Arts promoted by Rai and organized by Rai Com, will take place in Pescara (Italy) from May 31st to 4th, 2023.

Content 28 OCT 2022

RAI Com’s revenues climb due to high market demand for Italian content

28 OCT 2022
RAI Com saw its revenues doubled from international distribution compared to the previous year, which according to its CEO, Angelo Teodoli, is the result of the high demand for Italian content, particularly TV shows.

Contenidos 30 JUN 2022

RTVE firma un acuerdo con la cadena cultural europea ARTE

30 JUN 2022
La asociación busca la coproducción en conjunto así como la distribución de las ofertas digitales de ambas entidades.

Events 8 FEB 2022

EFM 2022: Rai Com to launch top-notch Italian movies

8 FEB 2022
The Italian pubcaster’s distributor unveils a new movie line-up for the market, including high quality films by the directors of some of the most successful Italian movies at the box-office.

Events 28 OCT 2021

AFM 2021: Rai Com features top-notch Italian movies

28 OCT 2021
Italian pubcaster’s distributor unveils new movie line-up for North America market including "They Call Me Jeeg" and "The Hidden Child".