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Content 14 APR 2023

Interstellar TV has optioned Something Special format "Battle in the Box" for the UK

14 APR 2023
In the game show, two celebrity pairs team up to live together in a specially designed box set, where the size of living space and their budget are determined through a series of games and challenges.

Content 1 FEB 2023

Media Ranch closes deal with "Masked Singer" creator and Something Special

1 FEB 2023
The company will represent two new Korean formats, the singing game-show "Round Table" and, the matchmaking game show "Love Maze".

Content 18 JAN 2023

Korea’s Something Special options first scripted series from Armoza Formats

18 JAN 2023
Something Special, Seoul-based international Format agency, has announced that they have optioned the award-winning scripted series “Hostages” from Israel’s Armoza Formats.

Content 14 JUN 2022

CAN’T STOP hit format “Mystery Duets” will be adapted in Korea

14 JUN 2022
Renamed producers Image9coms and Something Special will be involved in this new adaptation of the program for MBN TV Group, as well as "Masked Singer" creator Wonwoo Park.

Content 2 MAY 2022

Something Special Wins Two Major KOCCA Funds for Formats and International Co-Productions

2 MAY 2022
The company is the recipient of two top international KOCCA funds: the format Lab Fund and the International Co-Production Fund. This is the third consecutive year that Something Special has won the KOCCA Format Lab Fund.