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Research 21 OCT 2022

Why is Prime Video investing in emerging Southeast Asian markets?

21 OCT 2022
As growth in its key delivery markets has slowed down and stabilized, Prime Video has shifted its focus to investing in additional developing markets with the potential to grow, such as Southeast Asia, according to Ampere Analysis.

Research 23 SEP 2022

What is Amazon strategy to conquer Southeast Asia with Prime Video?

23 SEP 2022
Prime Video is planning to launch new streaming products in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines, as it aims to conquer the Southeast region, where the platform has struggled to take off.

Digital 19 AUG 2022

Horror shows are thrilling around Southeast Asia

19 AUG 2022
In the Asia-Pacific region, viewing of horror TV and film on Netflix grew by 20% from 2020 to 2021. Over the same period, viewing hours of horror content in Southeast Asia increased by over 40%. 

Research 1 MAR 2022

Southeast Asia Moves Towards a New Model of TV Consumption

1 MAR 2022
The Trade Desk found that the region welcomed 20 million new OTT viewers in the past year. There are now 200 million users who stream 9.7 billion hours’ worth of OTT content per month.

Research 14 FEB 2022

The pandemic spurred digital ad growth across the Southeast Asia

14 FEB 2022
People in Southeast Asia are spending more time online. As a result, digital ad spending in the region will grow by 11.3% to $4.10 billion in 2022, following a phenomenal 17.8% growth rate in 2021, eMarketer revealed.