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Events 31 MAY 2022

Russian animation and historical and drama series get strong in MENA region

31 MAY 2022
The Russian film industry attended DISCOP Dubai and was involved in more than 200 meetings about sales and coproduction with distributors, TV channels and VOD platforms from the region.

Events 17 MAY 2022

Russian film industry to attend DISCOP Dubai content market

17 MAY 2022
Twenty-eight Russian film, series, and animation companies will present their projects at the Russian Content Worldwide stand from May 17 to 19.

Interviews 6 APR 2022

Julia Matyash: “‘Elizaveta’ will keep viewers on the edge of their seats”

6 APR 2022
The Director of Sovtelexport, the distribution branch of Russia Television and Radio, explains why new historical series "Elizaveta" has "all the chances to be even more successful than 'Ekaterina'.”

Events 9 FEB 2022

EFM 2022: Russia will premiere over 40 films, series and animation content

9 FEB 2022
Under RCW brand, 39 participating companies will unite at a virtual stand organized by Roskino, and will be presented more than 130 projects.

Interviews 12 OCT 2021

Ekaterina Efanova: "Modern Russian drama has worldwide class"

12 OCT 2021
The Drama Producer at TV Channel Russia describes the local production landscape and talks about the company’s new titles for Mipcom.