26 OCT 2022

Strong participation of Russian companies at TIFFCOM 2022

More than a hundred films and series are presented at the Japanese content market that takes place online from October 25 to 27.

26 OCT 2022

"Double Life" and "Alyssa"

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For the first time, Russian film and animation companies take part of TIFFCOM festival under the umbrella brand Russian Content Worldwide (RCW). The online event is taking place online from October 25 to 27. Twenty-nine Russian companies present more than 100 projects at the online stand. ROSKINO is also organizing market screenings of several projects for international buyers.

ROSKINO CEO Inna Shalyto: “Japanese audiences are already familiar with various genres of Russian content—they are discerning viewers of our documentaries and feature films, from adventure dramas to thrillers, and historical series. A number of Russian companies are already working with representatives of Japanese TV channels and platforms, and we are pleased to continue introducing Japanese audiences to modern Russian cinema and animation. Russian companies are also presenting a large number of series at TIFFCOM. Russia currently exports a significant amount of serial content to different countries; series which are distinguished by their high quality production and their original plots. The Russian film industry is also developing documentaries, which are very popular in the Asian region—TIFFCOM will feature a range of documentaries and travel films. In addition to the Japanese film industry, we expect to attract other international buyers as TIFFCOM has significantly strengthened its status as a major international event in the over the past two years, attracting more foreign participants every year.”

Central Partnership continues selling the adventure action "Raiders of the Lost Library" about the search for the library of Ivan the Terrible and the action-packed thriller "Who's There?", while START online cinema presents series in various genres: from the futuristic dramedy "The No Man Zone" to the youth drama "Alyssa". Market participants will also be able to evaluate the first episodes of the new comedy "Eva in Labor", which will be of interest to buyers in terms of the finished product and format rights.

All Media (a START company)is betting on its new products: the family fantasy "Red Riding Hood", the action movie "Litvyak", and the thrillers "Live" and "Tibra” and Mars Media Entertainment presents two large-budget projects—the drama "Woland" based on Mikhail Bulgakov's Master and Margarita and the disaster film "Mira". The company is also expecting interest from international buyers in the adventure series "The Prisoner".

CTB Film Company presents its animation projects "Moonzy", "The Barkers", "Horse Julius on the Throne" and the "Three Heroes", as well as the romantic melodrama "Breathe Easy". MC2 Production will present the series "Identification", "The Big Game", "Mr Clean", and "Mental" whereas Art Pictures Distribution is betting on its sci-fi thriller "Reversible Reality", which was sold to India and the UAE. The company also presents other well-known series — the comedy "Ivanovs vs Ivanovs", the thriller "Varyag", and series "Happy End" and "Chicks."

Sreda Production Company presents its new hit "Chimera". This large-scale crime drama is about the struggle for power in the black market. The company also expects that the second season of the psychological drama "Trigger" will attract the attention of buyers, since this genre is familiar to Japanese audiences and Sovtelexport, the official content distributor of Russia Television and Radio, presents the adventure drama "Elizaveta". Costumed historical series from the Russia Television and Radio catalog are in demand in Japan and other Asian countries, so the company has high hopes for this project. Sovtelexport is also counting on the interest of buyers in the documentary films "Yamal Nature Reserve" and "Homo Sperans."

NTV Broadcasting Company presents top dramas and non-scripted projects as "Savage" and "Hitman's Curse". International buyers and participants will see the first screening of the new action-packed drama "Double Life" featuring a twisted life of a policeman living a double life. Japan is also a long-term partner for Russian World Vision. The film "Icon", which is presented at TIFFCOM, has already been sold to Japan, and the company expects to sell the rights to the film to other Asian countries. In addition, the company expects buyers from Asia to be interested in the thriller "Homeward" and the sports drama "Eleven Silent Men".

Odin Media is banking on travel films "The Great North Way" and documentary "Depth Hunters" while GPM Entertainment television presents "Catfish" and "Stream", sharp scientific dramas about fathers and children in the age of digitalization and Plus Studio primarily offers thrillers, a genre that attracts the interest of many buyers from Japan, at TIFFCOM. The company’s thriller-series "Missing", "The Swamp", and "Kitchenblock" are presented. Plus Studio said that they want to show the diversity of their catalog so the comedy series "Finding Closure" and the fantasy film "Aeterna: Part One" are also featured.

For Russian animation companies, the Asian region has always been key. SMF Animation presents the series "I’ll Get You!", "Monsikids", "The Secrets of the Honey Valley", "The Adventures of Peter and Wolf", and "Captain Kraken" and his "Crew". Riki Group will show international buyers the animation projects "The Fixies", "Beardy Bodo. Travel", "Tina and Tony", and "Babyriki" whereas Platoshka Animation Studio presents its flagship project "Beadies",a learning animation series for children aged 0 to 4 years old, — developed with the help of children psychologists.

A number of Russian companies are already working with representatives of Japanese TV channels and platforms, and we are pleased to continue introducing Japanese audiences to modern Russian cinema and animation. ” Inna Shalyto ROSKINO CEO