6 APR 2022

Julia Matyash: “‘Elizaveta’ will keep viewers on the edge of their seats”

The Director of Sovtelexport, the distribution branch of Russia Television and Radio, explains why new historical series "Elizaveta" has "all the chances to be even more successful than 'Ekaterina'.”

6 APR 2022

Julia Matyash

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Historical accuracy, an intriguing plot, gorgeous costumes, fantastic sceneries, and brilliant performances from a young cast are the main ingredients of the new Russia Television and Radio hit "Elizaveta." The show is a historical series in a genre of adventure drama about Peter the Great's daughter's ascension to the throne.

Viewers will witness the representation of historical figures' lives, actions, and fights that will particularly appeal to younger audiences. "The series will surely keep viewers on the edge of their seats,"  Julia Matyash, Director of Sovtelexport, told Señal News. "'Elizaveta' is a story of growth. We don't see a reasonable and mature empress, but a young, carefree girl who falls in love and gets obsessed with clothes and balls. She is only starting her way to becoming the great ruler of a large Empire,"  Matyash added.

Period dramas and adaptations of classics are an essential part of the content offered by Sovtelexport, and both are performing very well on the international stage. "Series about monarchs' lives are very popular and demanded at all times. Every generation wants to know the history of its own country and the world in general,"  Matyash stated.

Russia Television and Radio hit project "Ekaterina" also reflects that trend. The three seasons of the series were a huge success worldwide, having been sold to 104 countries. "We think that 'Elizaveta' has all the chances to be even more successful than 'Ekaterina,'”  Matyash said.


Russia Television and Radio also offers new projects such as “The Stenographer,” where love, history, and spy plot lines masterfully twist. It is a 30-year story of a girl from an orphanage who becomes a government stenographer and gets involuntarily involved in international espionage. “This fascinating drama is full of head-spinning plot twists, passionate love and is perfect for family viewing,”  Matyash described.

Moreover, the modern moving drama “Elsa’s Land,” about 70-year-old Leonid and Elsa, is another highlight title from the Russian company. Their families disapprove of their love, leading to a tense confrontation between generations. Leonid and Elsa’s relationship crucially affects their children, who turn out to be way more conservative than their elderly parents.

“Along with our new TV series ‘Elizaveta’ and ‘The Stenographer,’ the projects offer is complemented by fresh up-to-date documentaries on such popular topics as science, nature, travel, and history. We expect that the quality of our content and variety of themes will spark buyers’ interest,”  Matyash said.

In 2022, Russia Television and Radio is looking forward to continuing the successful distribution worldwide and strengthening its relationships with global partners. “New TV companies and streaming platforms appear every day, and they all seek fresh new content. We are constantly searching for high-quality titles to fill our catalog, which allows us to meet every buyer’s needs and demands,”  Matyash concluded.

By Romina Rodríguez