31 MAY 2023

Russian films, series, and animation to be presented at Telefilm Vietnam 2023

Eighteen Russian companies will participate in the international film market with their stand-out and newest projects.

31 MAY 2023

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From June 8 to 10 will be held the international film market Telefilm Vietnam where eighteen Russian companies will be represented at the joint Russian Content Worldwide (RCW) stand organized by ROSKINO, featuring more than 80 projects—films, series, and animation for international content buyers.

Acting CEO of ROSKINO, Ekaterina Naumova, says, “Last year, the Russian film industry for the first time was widely represented at Telefilm Vietnam, mainly online, and this was our first acquaintance with this market. As a result of participation, international buyers have become interested in Russian animation projects, documentaries, action films, and comedies, as well as buying format rights to Russian series. This year, in order to more effectively use the opportunities of the film market and build cooperation with local TV channels, VOD platforms and distributors, we are organizing a large-scale offline presence of leading Russian content producers. This format will allow them to personally meet with potential partners, enhance interaction with foreign colleagues, with whom the dialogue was carried out online. Russian companies will present a lot of serial and animated content, as well as large-scale feature films in various genres. We hope that this year the demand for projects from Russia will be much stronger.”

Russian companies will present more than 20 feature films in Vietnam, including "The Challenge" (Central Partnership), which has already entered the top 50 highest-grossing films in the world in 2023; the new thriller "Centaur" (Planeta Inform Film Distribution); the football drama "Eleven Silent Men" (Pimanov & Partners).

The adventure drama "Lost In The North", based on real events, about a woman who joined the Siberian nomads (Planeta Inform Film Distribution) will also be presented at Telefilm Vietnam as well as a number of action-packed thrillers – the films "Like A Man" and "Who's there?" (Central Partnership). In addition, the trove of Russian content also includes the sci-fi movies like "Reversible Reality" from Art Pictures Distribution.

A wide range of serial content from Russian companies will also be presented. 35 projects of different genres, including: the comedy hit "Eva in Labor", the anti-utopian "The No Man Zone", and "Sisters" from START online cinema; the series "Happy End" from Art Pictures Distribution, "The Kidney" and "Padre Sergius" from KION, "Married Life Scenes" and "Alibi" from Sreda production company, and "The Right Guy to Marry" from Russkoe Film Company.

The historical genre is represented by the large-scale adventure drama "Elizaveta" and the biographical drama "Chaliapin" (Russia Television and Radio), the historical detective drama "Noble Detective" and the drama "Unsung Hero" (NTV Broadcasting Company); "Union of Salvation. The Age of Wrath" (KION), and the biographical dramas "Margarita Nazarova" (ODIN-MEDIA) and "Zhukov" (Pimanov&Partners).

The Russian content includes many strong popular drama series. In Vietnam, international representatives will see the dramas "Patient Zero" (Sreda production company), "Passengers. The Last Love on Earth" (START online cinema), the sports drama "Home Base" (Art Pictures Distribution), "Cloister" (Russia Television and Radio), the second season of the TV series "Psychic" (ODIN-MEDIA).

Documentary content from Russia is also in demand in Asia, and Russian companies are presenting many projects at the film market. They include a range of themes: environmental ("Invisible Hope" from Odin-Media); historical ("Unknown Kremlin. Stories", "Legends", "Facts and Kremlin-9. June 41st. Unmarked Secret" from Pimanov & Partners); and nature and travel ("The Highest Point" from Russia Television and Radio and "The Great North Way" and "Depth Hunters" from ODIN-MEDIA).

Six Russian companies will bring their projects to Vietnam. These are the animated series for teenagers "The Steel Family: Brotherhood vs Gold" (Voronezh Animation studio) and the full-length animated film "Detective Chirp & the Golden Beehive" (SMF Animation). This project has recently been released internationally and will be shown in the Middle East, Turkey, Cyprus, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Bulgaria.

The presentation will also include the animated series "Fixies" (Riki Group). Last year, "BabyRiki", "KikoRiki", and "PinCode" became available in Vietnamese on FTP Play. International representatives will also be able to see: "Champies" from Digital Television Russia, "Team MATCH" from YARKO and the full-length cartoon "Space Dogs. Tropical Adventure" from KinoAtis.