New achievements for Russian animation around the world

Companies have attended several international markets including China, Vietnam and meetings with Argentinian animation players.

3 JUL 2023

Russian delegation at CICAF

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2023 is a year of great achievements for Russian animation industry. Several companies have attended diverse markets and meetings with positives results. In 2022, Russian produced 256 feature films and 45 animated films, 345 feature series and 24 animated series. Today, the Russian film industry produces high-quality films, original series, and animation. The latter is especially valued for its educational component and family values.

In June, a total of 75 Russian cinematic releases took place at the SIFF Market 2023 (Shanghai International Film Festival). Voronezh Animation Studio presented "The Snow Queen and the Princess"; SMF Animation featured "Detective Chirp & the Golden Beehive"; Riki Group showed the films "Finnick" and "Teddy Boom"; YARKO Animation company presented "Team M.A.T.C.H.", "Dragonia", "Fly Deliveries", "Tickabo" and "Tommy The Little Dragon"; CTB Film Company showd the full-length cartoon "Horse Julius on the Throne" and "Three Heroes", as well as animated series that have already been released on Chinese VOD platforms and TV channels – "Moonzy and The Barkers."

From June 19 to 24, the Russian delegation has represented at China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF) in Hangzhou. The animation film market featured projects from studios and companies: SMF, Riki group of companies, Yarko, KinoAtis, GreatFrame, Skazka, Good Night, Kids!, Red Square, as well as cases of the Flysound and Cyrillic service companies and LLCs “Sweetclub”, “Art 3D Graphics”, “Bubble” and “Sergei Eisenstein Street”.

On the other hand, six Russian companies brought their projects to TeleFilm Vietnam. At a special presentation organized by ROSKINO, international content buyers saw a number of new animation projects. These are the animated series for teenagers "The Steel Family: Brotherhood vs Gold" (Voronezh Animation studio) and the full-length animated film "Detective Chirp & the Golden Beehive" (SMF Animation). The presentation will also include the animated series "Fixies" (Riki Group). International representatives will also be able to see: "Champies" from Digital Television Russia, "Team MATCH" from YARKO and the full-length cartoon "Space Dogs. Tropical Adventure" from KinoAtis.

Recently, an online meeting of the Russian animation industry with representatives of the animation cluster of Argentina took place for the third time. The friendship that began between animation professionals of the two countries during the pandemic in 2020 has grown into close cooperation between Moscow and Buenos Aires in three years. The Russian side will be represented both by the majors of the animation market, TV channels, and companies with small production volumes. Among the Russian participants are representatives of the SMF film Studio, the Riki Group of Companies, studios and companies Melnitsa, Digital Television, YARKO, Lux Cinema (Superheroes TV Channel), Global Influencers, Cyrillic, Brand4Rent, “Just about Important. About Mira and Gosha”, Art Animation Studio, “KupiGolos”, HonkFu Studio. Russian companies will pitch projects for the partners.

Argentina delegates representatives of 16 animation and graphics studios, TV channels and service companies: Animar, Avionetta Joy, Canal Pakapaka, T’IKTU Estudio de Animacion, Epirenov Stop Motion, Hook up Animation Studios, Kiosko, Kuiper Animation, Le Cube, Malabar Producciones, Matiz, NutsMedia, Ojo Raro, Osa Estudio, Tronco Contenido, Untref Media. Both sides are looking for options for cooperation in the field of co-production and distribution of animated content in demand both in Russia and LATAM countries.