Indian distributors are looking to adapt Russian films and series

Russian companies summed up the results of their participation in Film Bazaar, the largest South Asian content market that took place in India.

6 DEC 2022

"Babyriki" and "The Secrets of Honey Hills"

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Russian content producers presented over 30 projects at Film Bazaar, marking the first large-scale entry of the Russian film industry into the Indian film market. ROSKINO CEO Inna Shalyto said: “Film Bazaar was the first big step towards a large-scale study of the region. Interest in Russian projects at the market was high, and there is a clear trend for the purchase of formats—India has its own successful film industry and they really love their actors, so Indian directors and producers are ready to remake Russian film projects, with the participation of their own stars, who have a multi-million strong army of fans. Selling adaptation rights could therefore be the most effective entry into the Indian market for the Russian film industry. There was also interest in co-production with Russian companies, which was mentioned, in particular, by the Indian directors who were guests of the Russian Film Festival, held in Mumbai shortly before Film Bazaar. There was also interest in Russian projects as finished products—fantasies, animation, and family adventure films. International representatives praised the quality of the cinematography and special effects.”

According to Plus Studio, buyers from India are mainly interested in acquiring the rights to film and television series formats, including the series "Finding Closure" and "Unprincipled". Korean distributors are ready to consider ready-made TV series and feature films, including the fantasy film "Aeterna: Part One", which was screened as part of the film market.

Gazprom-Media Entertainment Television (GPM RTV), which presented the second season of TNT Network TV series "To the Sea" at Film Bazaar, noted that many producers, directors and production executives from India and other countries were interested in co-production. Online cinema KION also noted the interest of Indian representatives in buying formats. Buyers were attracted by the series "The Kidney", "Padre Sergius", "Consent" and the family comedy "Ivan Semenov – The School Trouble Maker!".

Bubble Studios, which showed international buyers the new action adventure "Grom: Boyhood", noted that both distribution and co-production opportunities were discussed at meetings with international representatives. Platoshka Animation studio presented the children’s animated educational musical series for children, "The Beadies", at Film Bazaar. Earlier this year, Platoshka signed a contract with one of the most advanced animation studios in Asia, the Indian Toonz Media Group, for the distribution of the animated series "The Beadies" in Hindi on Youtube channels.

For Riki Group, Film Bazaar is a very rich market. The company brought serial content to the market and presented the projects "Tina and Tony", "Babyriki" and "Beardy Bodo" to buyers, who also showed great interest in full-length films from the company's catalog. The animated feature film "Detective Chirp and the Golden Beehive" from SMF Animation, the animated series "The Adventures of Peter and Wolf" and "The Secrets of Honey Hills" also aroused interest.

Red Carpet Studio held meetings with representatives from India, South Korea, and Uzbekistan about the children's TV series Space Doctor Cat. Central Partnership and Art Pictures Distribution also presented their projects at the Russian Content Worldwide booth.