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Content 23 JUN 2023

Russian thrillers, historical series, and animation land in Asia

23 JUN 2023
Russian film companies summed up the results of their participation in the international film market Telefilm Vietnam.

Content 12 DEC 2022

Chinese Joy Culture Media to handle Riki Group series distribution

12 DEC 2022
The agent plans to finalize the adaptation of "DinoCity and "Beardy Bodo" to Chinese and present them to the leading TV channels and platforms on the territory.

Content 6 DEC 2022

Indian distributors are looking to adapt Russian films and series

6 DEC 2022
Russian companies summed up the results of their participation in Film Bazaar, the largest South Asian content market that took place in India.

Content 21 SEP 2022

Asian markets show interest in remaking Russian TV series

21 SEP 2022
More than 160 projects were presented in Broadcast Worldwide 2022 and buyers from South Korea, China, India, and Malaysia were the most interested in Russian projects.

Events 8 JUL 2022

Asian buyers showed interest on Russian docs and animation at Telefilm Vietnam

8 JUL 2022
Content buyers from Vietnam, India, Thailand, China, Malaysia and other Asian countries showed active interest in Russian animation and documentaries.