9 FEB 2022

EFM 2022: Russia will premiere over 40 films, series and animation content

Under RCW brand, 39 participating companies will unite at a virtual stand organized by Roskino, and will be presented more than 130 projects.

9 FEB 2022


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Over 40 premieres - films, series, and animation - will be presented by Russian content makers and distributors at the European Film Market (EFM) from February 10 to 17. Under the Russian Content Worldwide (RCW) brand, 39 participating companies will unite at a virtual stand organized by Roskino, a Russian film promotion body, with the support of the Russian Cinema Fund. In total, Russian companies will present more than 130 projects.
Evgenia Markova, CEO of Roskino: “At the beginning of the year, the Russian film industry is announcing itself loudly and proudly at the film market, which traditionally begins the film year, where the main trends of the global film industry are set, and where directions for further development are determined. For the first time in Berlin, Russian regional cinematography is strongly presented—the works of Yakut directors are at the Russian Content Worldwide (RCW) booth at the film market (two premieres), and in the short film competition of the film festival. I am incredibly pleased that new talents from the regions keep appearing, and we will make every effort to promote them to the world. I would also like to note the large number of premieres from Russian online platforms, which once again proves the creative potential of modern VOD services and the great audience demand for their original content.”

The key projects of Central Partnership are the films "The World Champion" and "First Oscar". In addition, new projects will be presented in the company's catalog: the full-length animated films “The Swiss Adventure” and “Dolphin Boy”, and the feature film “Nika."
CTB Film Company will screen a new drama "Breathe Easy" about people with speech impediments. For a family audience, CTB will present a new part of the franchise about the three Bogatyrs "Horse Julius on the Throne and the Three Heroes”; the new season of “Moonzy” and the continuation of the story of the Barkers (the first film, “The Barkers: Mind the Cats!”, was successfully sold in the US, Australia, Spain, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Turkey and Taiwan).
Art Pictures Distribution will present the military drama "Saving Legacy" and their latest sci-fi thriller "Reversible Reality". The company's package also includes a new comedy television series "Brothers", the series "Ballet" and projects under the brand more originals - "Psychо" and “Happy End”, which will be released in February on the largest Polish platform CDA, and in summer on the largest Brazilian platform Globo.TV.

Russia Television and Radio for the first time ever will present at the international market its new historic project in a genre of adventure drama, "Elizaveta", which has every chance to become successful among both buyers and viewers. It has it all – love, palace intrigues in the struggle for the crown of the Russian Empire; chasing, battles; as well as young attractive actors, luxurious costumes and scenery; amazing camera work.
All Media (a START Company) will screen the new drama “Milk” and the comedy "Desperate for marriage". START will present a new original dramedy "Kris+Tina" at EFM, as well as a hit "Vampires of the Midland". EFM guests will be the first to see the teaser for the second season of the mystical drama “Passengers”.
The creators of one of the most successful Russian series abroad “To the Lake”—1-2-3 Production—will present the second season of the popular series "The Big Game";  and the thriller “Dreams of Alice”. The EFM screenings will host the premiere of the series "Mr. Clean".

Rock Films in association with Riverlet Films will show the big-budget military drama about the demining of Palmyra "Once in the Desert". The first screening of the film "Zemun" will also take place; and the project has aroused great interest among the selectors of international class A festivals.
Sreda will present a new crime drama “Chimera”. The screenings will show the pilot of the project. The studio plans to find an international distributor and conclude a number of contracts; the project already in the early stages of production caused a great response. Sreda said that in 2022, together with the Russian online platform IVI, they intend to make 10 European series.

Wizat Animation will present an international teaser for the fifth part of the franchise, the cartoon "The Snow Queen and the Princess" at EFM. The project has already been sold to France, South Korea and Turkey, and new deals are planned to be discussed at EFM. The company's package also includes the family adventure comedy “The Warrior Princess”.

Riki Group's key project in 2022 is the feature film “Finnick”. The company plans to close deals in a number of Central European territories.
In addition, Ark Pictures, Channel 5, Planet Inform, Igmar, Life Is Short, Megogo, Mosfilm, Odin-Media, NTV, Prad-Media, Revolution Film, RFG Distribution, Riverlet Films, Star Media, Sputnik Vostok Production, MC2 Production, Greencity Studios, SMF Animation, Studio Z, and AA Studio will present their projects at the European Film Market.