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Research 19 OCT 2023

La inversión global en publicidad digital deberá crecer un 35% hasta 2027

19 OCT 2023
En 2023, las marcas invertirán USD 680 mil millones en publicidad digital a nivel global, según proyectan los datos anunciados por la consultora Statista.

Research 5 OCT 2023

Why is Disney the undisputed leader in licensed merchandise?

5 OCT 2023
Whether it is Mickey Mouse t-shirts, Star Wars Lego sets or plush dolls based on the latest Pixar hit, licensed merchandise is a billion-dollar business, and The Walt Disney Company is the undisputed leader in this category, Statista said in its latest report.

Contenidos 17 AUG 2023

Con Hollywood signado por la huelga, los estrenos se aplazan

17 AUG 2023
Tras superar el primer mes de la huelga de actrices y actores afiliados SAG-AFTRA, la temporada de estrenos se ve afectada tanto en cine como en televisión. Mientras tanto, "Barbie" eclipsa a "Oppenheimer" en taquilla. Con información de Statista.

Digital 9 AUG 2023

Why Netflix is right to chase gaming platform expansion?

9 AUG 2023
Even though there is likely not yet a meaningful portion of consumers subscribing to Netflix just for games, the streamer will eventually need more than just TV content, Morning Consult noted in its latest report.

Digital 9 AUG 2023

Gaming remains Sony's most important entertainment segment

9 AUG 2023
Between April and June, Sony's revenue with video games, network services relating to games, music and video, and gaming hardware reached US$5.3 billion, which comprised 26% of the company's total quarterly revenue, Statista revealed.