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Events 9 JUN 2023

The Russian film industry to attend SIFF Market in Shanghai

9 JUN 2023
A total of 75 Russian cinematic releases from 18 companies are travelling to the SIFF Market 2023 including the first feature film shot in space, “The Challenge.”

Content 15 FEB 2023

Central Partnership International closes deals for “Raiders of the lost library”

15 FEB 2023
The film has got several agreements and was sold to multiple territories including South Korea; Spain; Taiwan; Former Yugoslavia and Republic of Cyprus.

Events 28 OCT 2022

Central Partnership presents its lastest films at META Cinema Forum in Dubai

28 OCT 2022
This is the first ever presentation of a Russian company at the convention, and it's launching "Syndrome", "Rat Catcher" and "The Challenge", the first feature film shot in the space.

TV 5 OCT 2021

Channel One Russia announces "The Challenge", the first film shoot in space

5 OCT 2021
"The Challenge" is a joint project of the Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities, Channel One Russia and Yellow, Black and White, with Central Partnership as a distributor.