Central Partnership International closes deals for “Raiders of the lost library”

The film has got several agreements and was sold to multiple territories including South Korea; Spain; Taiwan; Former Yugoslavia and Republic of Cyprus.

15 FEB 2023

"The Challenge"

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Central Partnership International to launch deals on the "Raiders of the lost library". To date, the film has been sold to South Korea (Wonder Studio), TV and VOD platforms in Spain (Paycom Multimedia), Taiwan (Av Jet), Former Yugoslavia (Red Art Workshop DOO) and the Republic of Cyprus (D&A Film Company) for theatrical distribution.

Also within the framework of EFM 2023, the film distributor presents other projects including the film “The Challenge”, a space drama directed by Klim Shipenko ("Son of a Rich"). In the film, the thoracic surgeon Zhenya has to prepare for a space flight in a month and go to the ISS in order to save the life of an astronaut. "The Challenge" is the first feature film shot aboard the International Space Station, 400 km from Earth. The film will have its world premiere in April 2023.

The company is also featuring sci-fi film "The Rat-catcher", which takes place in 2032 after a war between hybrid people (rats), whose DNA has been amplified to fight diseases, and ordinary mortal "rat-catchers"; the adventure "Lord of the Wind", inspired by the record-breaking solo trip around the globe in a hot-air balloon made by Russian explorer Fedor Konyukhov on July 2016, as well as the film based on the best-selling book series"Guest from the future", which will tell a new version of the story about the adventures of Alice, who travels through time. Kolya and Alice live in different worlds. Kolya lives in modern-day Moscow, while Alice lives 100 years in the future.

For the first time, several projects were also presented on European Film Market, including the war drama “Tzadik”, which takes place in 1942, when Red Army officer Nikolai Kiselyov receives orders to evacuate over 200 Jewish women, children, and elderly men facing brutality and death in Nazi-occupied Belarus; action-drama "Emergency landing", based on the real events of 2019, when pilot Damir Yusupov managed to save the plane from a crash by landing it in a corn field and the young adult comedy "Jane not sane", which tells the story of a teenage girl Jane. She is sad and angry at the world after an incident that involved a trauma to her head and leg. Now she has a metal plate in her skull and gets around with the aid of her grandpa’s cane. Jane blames her (now former) boyfriend Ivan for what happened to her, and directs her anger at him. She gradually learns to enjoy life and mends her broken relationship with Ivan thanks to a new acquaintance, robotics teacher Mr. Carin, who becomes her friend and mentor.

Another project in CP’s line-up is thriller "Shadow" which tells a story of a talented spy, elusive like a shadow. A man of many faces whose identity is a mystery. Stopping him is the top priority for Russian counter-intelligence because he steals the most guarded state secrets. On the other hand, the distributor also continues to sell the action-packed thriller "Who's There?", the animated film "Dolphin Boy" and the psychological thriller "Like a Man."