EFM 2023: Filmsharks closes several deals at the German market

The distributor has signed a multi-territorial Deal on "Legions" and has sealed three major deals at EFM.

21 FEB 2023

"30 Nights With My Ex"

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FilmSharks has closed news deals on "Legiones" ("Legions"), the horror film directed by Fabian Forte ("BO Hit franchise") and the Dream Team Crew behind "Aterrados" (2017), the sales hit film by Demián Rugna sold widely to Netflix and Shudder. A Latin American multi-territorial deal for theatrical release with CineStar was closed in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia & Central America (Central America, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras and Dominican Republic); and also a deal on Spain's PayTv/SVod rights with AMC for Shudder and on another deal AMC took East Europe. The deal was brokered by Guido Rud of FilmSharks on behalf of the filmmakers, and by Aman Kapur on behalf of Cinestar.

Fantasia Fest in Montreal was where it strokes major deals with XYZ Films for North America and Donau for German Speaking among others and later in Sitges, and also won the best script at the Fantaspoa.

The film stars Germán De Silva and Lorena Vega and was produced by Javier Diaz of Coruya films. In "Legions", Antonio Poyju is a warlock who belongs to a powerful blood lineage. He is being held in an asylum against his will. After an omen, Antonio understands of a great imminent danger. Her daughter Helena, heir to her blood, will be sacrificed by an evil entity. Helena lost her faith and disbelieves her father. Antonio must escape, using his sorcerer powers to rescue his daughter. For this, he must reconstruct the bond and make his daughter believe in him and in his own power.

In addition, The Remake Co., FilmSharks sub-label for remakes distribution has sealed three major deals at EFM. Banijay Group owned DLO optioned Spain's Spanish remake rights of the Latin comedy "30 Nights With My Ex". Earlier deals include Spectum films optioned Mexico's Spanish and Colorado Italian remake rights. US Deals, Korean, Indian, French are discussions.

The second deal is about one of the biggest remake IP ever sold, "Ten Day Without Mom" that has been taken Sony Pictures International for a Middle East remake. English language remake, Korean remake and Chinese remake are in discussions now.

Finally, The Remake Co. picked for worldwide remake distribution rights one of the largest Latin American production companies Total Entertainment, based in Brazil and with operations all over Latin America. The Deal was brokered b Guido Rud and Matias Fontenla on behalf of Filmsharks, and Walkiria Barbosa and Solange Jovino on behalf of Total Ent, including their biggest hits of their catalogue including their best high concept comedies, rom-coms, and thrillers such as "Se Eu Fosse Voce (1&2)" ; "Diva" (1&2) and "Love.com".

"Remake Distribution has been a healthy business for us and our expertise at this point gave us a handicap of being able to help our clients with high concept solutions. Our new deal with TOTAL ENT shall boost more deals as their catalogue shall fill many market needs", said Guido Rud.