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Content 24 JUN 2022

Bare Tree Media teams up with Zepeto to design "The Smurfs" virtual products

24 JUN 2022
The brand will offer custom designed 2D and 3D branded apparel and accessories.

Content 25 APR 2022

CluedUpp Games to develop new "The Smurfs" experience in 2023

25 APR 2022
In events scheduled across the globe, players will immerse themselves in a unique experience which combines augmented reality with the physical world to turn their hometown into the setting of a brand new Smurfs adventure.

Content 8 FEB 2022

Nickelodeon, Paramount, LAFIG, and IMPS to produce multiple "The Smurfs" films

8 FEB 2022
The companies have inked a deal to produce multiple feature films based on the iconic animated Peyo's brand, starting with the musical movie debut in 2024.

Content 11 JAN 2022

The Smurfs and HarperCollins Publishers announce new publishing program

11 JAN 2022
HarperCollins will create books tailored to the Smurfs audience for the US, Canada, and Philippines, featuring content based on the new animated series, as well as original stories and art in formats.

Interviews 16 NOV 2021

"The Smurfs" are back with a new series

16 NOV 2021
The classic kids brand has a new series that promise to entertain kids and parents equally. Nele De Wilde, Head of Sales at The Smurfs explains the differences with the classic cartoon.