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Interviews 4 APR 2022

Ukraine unites at MIPTV, looking forward to peace

4 APR 2022
The leading Ukrainian broadcasters, media groups, and creative powerhouses will unite their efforts to support the country’s struggle for freedom. The agenda will include a Ukrainian National Stand, a dedicated panel, and a comprehensive delegates list.

TV 1 APR 2022

HITN to premiere “Servant Of The People”, stared by Volodymyr Zelensky

1 APR 2022
HITN has secured rights to air the series in Spanish, which stars the Ukrainian President. It will premiere on Monday 4 th at 9:00 pm ET/PT in the United States.

TV 18 MAR 2022

UK's Ofcom has revoked RT's license to broadcast in the UK

18 MAR 2022
The decision comes amid 29 ongoing investigations by Ofcom into the due impartiality of RT’s news and current affairs coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

TV 25 FEB 2022

European countries start removing Russian channels from their schedules

25 FEB 2022
After Russia invaded Ukraine, many European countries, such as Poland, Latvia and Estonia, began to remove Russian channels from their programming schedules.

Content 3 FEB 2020


3 FEB 2020
The adaptation of the Nippon TV’s scripted format "Mother" received the 2019 honorable Award from Turkey’s Services Exporters’ Association for the Most Exported TV Series of the Year in 2018.