4 APR 2022

Ukraine unites at MIPTV, looking forward to peace

The leading Ukrainian broadcasters, media groups, and creative powerhouses will unite their efforts to support the country’s struggle for freedom. The agenda will include a Ukrainian National Stand, a dedicated panel, and a comprehensive delegates list.

4 APR 2022

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At MIPTV 2022, the leading Ukrainian broadcasters, media groups, and creative powerhouses united their efforts to support the country’s struggle for freedom, defending the democratic values and human rights of all the civilized world, today threatened by Russia.

“We attend MIPTV with a heavy heart. Our Ukraine is at war. Yet, TV is a crucial power in any situation, and now when times are dark, we have to work even harder. At the market, we will continue selling our high-quality content to our existing and new partners and discussing coproduction opportunities for when the war is over. We look for new ways to cooperate with the world. Our expectations are high, and we expect no less than support and wiliness of TV channels, platforms, and production companies around the world to open up and join us in our work and mutual development,”  Iryna Chernyak, Director of Content Acquisition and Monetization department at Ukraine TV Channel, stated.

Thanks to the support of RX Global, the country’s joint activities in Cannes will include the Ukrainian National Stand (R7L19), a panel discussion as a part of the official conference program (April 4th), and a comprehensive delegates list. “The 1+1 Media Group is always pleased to join MIPTV because one of the group’s tasks is to produce content that appeals to global audiences. We hope that our projects will be of interest to the media community. We are bringing ready-made TV bestsellers of the region and new interesting and unexpected stories with great potential to become international hits,”  Inna Filipova, Head of Sales at 1+1 Media, said.

"In addition, all Ukrainian companies require the world community’s support as never before. Thus, we hope that our stand, representing our products, will gather a large audience. This year, we are coming up with an important mission: Ukraine needs help in this cynical and brutal war unleashed by Russia. Ukraine needs unprecedented attention, which is not about compassion, but about the intentions to do more and act precisely and prudently. Ukraine needs a victory,”  Filipova added.

All the international media community is invited to collaborate with Ukraine, as despite the dramatic circumstances, the market is ready to keep and strengthen its position in the global industry. Ukraine has all the capabilities, experience, and talent proven by multiple international sales, traveling formats hits, and solid partnerships with key players worldwide.

“Our team is coming to MIPTV intending to attract more attention to Ukraine. The country has an outstanding media industry; we are a strong player with high production levels, creative talent, and opportunities. MIPTV is the ideal place to pitch our new shows, present new series, and drum up interest for coproduction and cooperation. Now is the moment. More than ever, we are open to strategic partnerships; we need support from our existing and future partners. We have to stand up for Ukraine,”  Kateryna Shevelyuk, Head of Fiction Production Department at STB, explained.

“Our ambition at MIPTV this time is to join the forces of the Ukrainian industry to unite Europe. We feel that the European industry, especially CEE countries, is underestimated in the global market. Only united we can stand. We learned this lesson in the recent month, and we want to share our vision with the world. We will talk about possible Eastern European alliances and a special acquisition fund for Ukrainian content during our panel. Also, our distribution team will provide unique content relevant to the situation in Ukraine, such as ‘And There Will be People’ drama series,”  Victoria Yarmoshchuk, CEO at FILM.UA Group and Head of Ukrainian Motion Picture Association, stated.

By Romina Rodriguez & Diego Alfagemez

All Ukrainian companies require the world community’s support as never before” Inna Filipova Head of Sales at 1+1 Media