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Research 24 NOV 2022

Sweden: Advertising on digital video reaches its highest weekly reach

24 NOV 2022
Mediavision’s Q3 analysis shows that 90% of all 15-74-year-olds in Sweden view advertising financed video at least once a week. This can be compared to the 75% reach of paid streaming services during the same period.

Digital 15 NOV 2022

Viaplay to adapt Viveca Sten's "The Åre Murders" as a drama series

15 NOV 2022
The title will start filming in spring 2023, with on-screen talents to be announced in due course, and will premiere in autumn 2024.

Digital 4 NOV 2022

Viaplay’s "Furia" to return for a second season in 2023

4 NOV 2022
The Norwegian Viaplay Original is co-produced by Paprika Studios, part of Viaplay Studios, and Monster Scripted. Viaplay Content Distribution will take on all distriubtion tasks for the show.

Content 3 NOV 2022

Viaplay, Eleventh Hour and Ian Rankin partner for a major “Rebus” reimagining

3 NOV 2022
Viaplay, Eleventh Hour Films and bestselling author Ian Rankin will partner for a major reimagining of Rankin’s iconic detective, “Inspector John Rebus,” drawn from the universe of Rankin’s books.

Digital 1 NOV 2022

Viaplay Group launches its Viaplay streaming service in the UK

1 NOV 2022
Viewers in the UK can choose the Film & Series package focused on Nordic storytelling with more than 1.000 hours of award-winning Viaplay Originals and curated third-party content, or the Total package that also includes live sports.