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Content 12 SEP 2022

"Finder$ Keeper$" format had a strong debut in Belgium

12 SEP 2022
The show distributed by Be-Entertainment was launched last week on VTM reaching a high market share of 38.1% (Live + 7) in the key 18-44 demo.

Content 31 AUG 2022

Talpa’s "Hunting Season" game show to be aired in Belgium

31 AUG 2022
VTM has acquired the rights to the show that will be produced by Dok1. The first season is set to air on Thursday the 1st of September 2022.

Content 15 JUN 2022

Second season of "Home Made Home" gets high ratings in Belgium

15 JUN 2022
The format globally distributed by Be Entertainment captured an average market share (18-44, +7) of 39% for the series, a huge increase against the VTM’s average of 23.4%.

Content 30 MAY 2022

VTM has optioned for a new season of "The Big Job Switch" in Belgium

30 MAY 2022
Created and produced by Geronimo, the life-changing social experiment had a highly successful first series, achieving an average market share of 35.2%.

Content 21 JAN 2022

Newen's "A Real Job: Nurses" premiered on Belgium's VTM with great ratings

21 JAN 2022
The show, produced by De Mensen, garnered 593,266 viewers and a share of 28.1%. The debut followed successful runs in Germany and the Netherlands.