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Content 21 SEP 2022

Yorn Levine partners with Parrot Analytics to assist creators

21 SEP 2022
The approach will use cross platform audience demand data on talent and content to help provide an objective value for a given piece of content to a platform.

Research 6 JUL 2022

Parrot Analytics launches Movie Demand, expanding its Demand360 product suite

6 JUL 2022
Parrot Analytics’ Movie Demand provides unrivaled insights into global and country-specific audience demand for tens of thousands of movies across all platforms and languages in more than 100 markets.

Research 23 AUG 2021

Parrot Analytics launches global Talent Demand measurement

23 AUG 2021
The company has further expanded its analytics suite Demand360 with the launch of Talent Demand, which offers daily updated audience demand analytics for thousands of talent across all professions.

Digital 9 AUG 2021

Parrot Analytics partners with YouTube and Google TV

9 AUG 2021
YouTube and Google TV have incorporated Parrot Analytics’ global audience demand data and entertainment consulting services to help make insight-driven content decisions.

Research 6 OCT 2020


6 OCT 2020
A CAA/Parrot Analytics study reveals that, since 2017, diverse debuts have grown to surpass non-diverse titles, and that by 2019, the demand for diverse debuts among the Top 100 had doubled, surpassing non-diverse titles for the first time.