9 SEP 2022

ATV's "For My Family" started its third season in Turkey

The first episode was broadcasted on September 3rd in the local prime-time and gathered a share of 17,17% in the total audience category on free TV.


ATV’s drama “For My Family” (Kardeslerim) has started its third season in Turkey with great success. The first episode was broadcasted on September 3rd in prime-time and gathered a 17,17% share in the total audience category. The series also had a tremendous impact internationally, being licensed to 50 countries worldwide, including Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Romania, and Ecuador. Furthermore, the series is currently on air in Russia, Macedonia, Spain, Peru, Chile, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, and Uzbekistan.

ATV launched “For My Family” in 2021. The show is about the newly orphaned four siblings’ survival story in a dog-eat-dog world. In the story, by their lonesomeness with nearly no one to care for them properly, the orphans still manage to be strong and stay together as the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. The plot will elevate over time, and the rich will be poor and vice versa, unexpected romantic relationships will arise, and faith in humanity will be restored.

“For My Family” has been on air in Turkey since February 20th, 2021. Although the viewers are prone to watch lighter drama series or formats on Saturday’s prime-time slot, this show, presented by the producers of “The Ambassador’s Daughter,” managed to shake the rankings constantly. Last June, “For My Family” premiered in Spain, where Atresmedia’s flagship channel, Antena 3, broadcasted it in prime time.