6 MAY 2022

CBC unveils Canadian podcast line-up for Spring and Summer 2022

Upcoming releases include new series "Kuper Island", "Buffy" and "The Kill List" as well as the return of "Someone Knows Something" and "The Village".


"Kuper Island"


CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster and #1 Canadian podcast publisher, has shared details of its podcast slate for Spring/Summer 2022. The upcoming line-up features several all-new series including "Kuper Island", a powerful examination of the dark history of the notorious Kuper Island Residential School and its abuse of Indigenous children; and the timely return of the award-winning investigative series "Someone Knows Something: The Abortion Wars".

"Kuper Island" will be Launching on Tuesday, May 17. Long after the Kuper Island Residential School was torn down, the survivors remain haunted by what happened there. In this eight-part series, investigative journalist Duncan McCue exposes undisclosed police investigations, confronts perpetrators of abuse, and witnesses a community trying to rebuild on top of the old school’s ruins and the unmarked graves of Indigenous children.

"Someone Knows Something: The Abortion Wars" to launch on Wednesday, May 25. This time, host David Ridgen teams up with investigative journalist Amanda Robb to dig into the 1998 murder of Robb’s uncle, a New York doctor killed for performing abortions.

"The Village: The Montreal Murders" will be available on Tuesday, June 7. As more and more gay men are found murdered in 1990s Montreal, the city reckons with both the AIDS crisis and a possible serial killer. Faced with police indifference, despite mounting evidence, a group of activists takes matters into their own hands. This seven-part series, hosted by journalist Francis Plourde, explores the birth of a movement and the slow march toward justice.

"Buffy" will be Launching on Tuesday, June 21. Buffy Sainte-Marie is one of the most prolific singer-songwriters of the past century and her music has quietly reverberated throughout pop culture and provided a soundtrack for Indigenous resistance for the last 60 years. In this five-part series, Mohawk and Tuscarora writer Falen Johnson (co-host of Secret Life of Canada) explores how Buffy’s life and legacy is essential to understanding Indigenous resilience.

“The Kill List” will be release on Tuesday, July 12. When the body of human rights activist Karima Baloch is found off the shores of Toronto, an investigation into her mysterious death leads all the way back to Pakistan, the country she had previously fled. In this six-part series, host Mary Lynk explores the rampant abductions and killings of dissidents in Pakistan, the dangers that follow those who flee to the West, and a terrifying intelligence agency with tentacles around the globe.