20 JUL 2021


A love story full of obstacles will be broadcasted by Imagen Televisión and it is likely to lure the Mexican audience to a plot about a huge love story.

20 JUL 2021

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Globo's telenovela "A Time to Love", a period drama that has already conquered audiences in countries such as Bolivia, Costa Rica and El Salvador, landed in Mexico. The production debuted last night on the Imagen Televisión channel and promises to conquer Mexicans with a plot about the immeasurable force of love.

The Brazilian telenovela is a historical drama aligned with current society trend. Directed by Jayme Monjardim, a director acknowledged by worldwide hits, including ‘The Clone’ and ‘The Life We Lead’, the telenovela approaches the power of love and its common thread is the relationship of Maria Vitória (Vitória Strada) and Inácio (Bruno Cabrerizo). Their looks meet in Holy Week, in fictitious village Morros Verdes, in Portugal, that seems to be stuck in time, despite the changes that happened all around the world upon World War One end. She is the daughter of the influential wine and olive oil producer José Augusto Correia Guedes (Tony Ramos), who owns the famous Quinta da Carrasqueira. He is a simple from Sobreiro, a neighboring village, that lives with aunt Henriqueta (Nívea Maria), makes a living of temporary works, including grape harvesting and lives a calm life. Inácio is in love and will spare no efforts to struggle for Maria Vitória´s live, even with all the hindrances they will face from now on.

Alcides Nogueira´s story is based on an original story by Rubem Fonseca, one of Brazil´s most relevant writers, and it was written in a partnership with Bia Corrêa do Lago, Fonseca´s daughter. The writer is acknowledged for his detective novels, however, it was a love story within his family that made him write the story in a partnership with his daughter. ‘A Time to Love’ role players´ saga is inspired by the writer´s grandmother true story, who left Portugal and left her little daughter – Rubem´s mother – with her parents to find the love of her life. He had moved to Brazil for work, and at some point, stopped sending letters to her. The story was, then, developed by Alcides Nogueira.

According to Alcides Nogueira, "A Time to Love" ‘is a classic telenovela, a love story with a lot of plot twists. There are damaging, guilty, full, painful loves. However, love is the story´s driving force.’ ‘The telenovela is about the power of love. It is a beautiful, great and strong love story’, says the director Jayme Monjardim.