24 JUN 2020


It will premiere from September 27 in Europa countries, United States and Latin America. "Patria" tells a story of the Spanish Basque Country threatened by the separatist terrorism of ETA, through the eyes of two families divided by the violent conflict.


The series “Patria”, HBO Europe's first production, already has a release date: from September 27 it will debut simultaneously in more than 60 countries in Latin America and Europe, and in the United States.

Over three decades, the series tells the story of the Basque Country, threatened by the terrorist group ETA, through the eyes of two families divided by the separatist conflict. The day ETA announces the abandonment of weapons, Bittori heads to the cemetery to tell the grave of her husband, Txato, killed by terrorists, that he has decided to return to the house where they lived. Will she be able to live with those who harassed her before and after the attack that disrupted her life and that of her family? Will she be able to know who was the hooded man who, on a rainy day, killed her husband when he returned from his transport company? However hidden it may be, Bittori's presence will alter the false tranquility of the town, especially its neighbor Miren, once a close friend and mother of Joxe Mari, a jailed terrorist and suspected of Bittori's worst fears. What happened between those two women? What has poisoned the lives of your children and their husbands so close in the past? With their disguised tears and unshakable convictions, with their wounds and their bravery, the incandescent story of their lives before and after the crater that was the death of Txato, tells us of the impossibility of forgetting and the need for forgiveness in a community broken by political fanaticism.

The series was created and written by Aitor Gabilondo, based on the hit novel of the same name by Fernando Aramburu. Executive producers are Miguel Salvat, Steve Matthews and Antony Root of HBO Europe. “Patria” has been produced by Alea Media for HBO Europe, with the participation of HBO Latin America.