21 SEP 2021

“Little Big Italy” return to the Italian TV with its fourth season

The fourth season of the program produced by Banijay Italia premiered yesterday on the Nove and earlier on discovery+ from 13 September.


“Little Big Italy”


“Little Big Italy”(12×60’)  is back on the Italian TV with its fourth season premiered yesterday, Monday 20 September, on the Nove and earlier on Discovery+ from 13 September. Francesco Panella is back at the helm of the program, this time leaving America and setting off to discover the best Italian restaurants in Europe.

The new adventure of the show, produced by Banijay Italia for Discovery Italia, will start from Madrid and then move on to Stockholm, Tenerife, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Munich, Brussels, Prague, Marseille and Zurich.

As always, Panella will rely on Italians living abroad to find restaurants that deserve the title of "Little Big Italy". In each city Francesco will meet 3 Italians, competitors of the challenge, who will take him to eat in their favourite restaurant, the place that makes them feel at home most. Francesco and the Italians will taste and vote on 3 dishes: the choice of Expat, the chef's main dish and Francesco's desire, an off-menu dish. At the end of each meal, there will be a vote.