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Content 20 JUL 2023

Banijay Italia partners with premium start-up Greenboo Production

20 JUL 2023
Banijay announced that its Banijay Italia division is partnering with Greenboo Production, a recently established Italian label, founded by award-winning producer Marco Belardi.

Content 2 SEP 2022

Banijay produces a kids edition of "Wild Things" in Italy

2 SEP 2022
This adaptation for Boing will see children, aged eight to twelve, take the lead in the family entertainment game show.

Content 7 FEB 2022

Banijay brings “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” to Italy

7 FEB 2022
Banijay announced its Italian label Banijay Italia will produce “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” for Nove, the free-to-air channel of Discovery Italia. The entertainment show makes its comeback with a twist on the classic format.

TV 21 SEP 2021

“Little Big Italy” return to the Italian TV with its fourth season

21 SEP 2021
The fourth season of the program produced by Banijay Italia premiered yesterday on the Nove and earlier on discovery+ from 13 September.

Content 16 SEP 2021

Banijay Italia scores first international version of “Star in the Star”

16 SEP 2021
Canale 5 has commissioned Banijay Italia to produce a primetime run of “Star in the Star”. This marks the first international adaptation of the musical guessing show, originally created by Banijay Germany’s Brainpool.