19 APR 2021


The Italian public broadcaster has launched the series in Rai Play and will broadcast the title on the preschool channel Rai Yoyo in May.

19 APR 2021


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Italian pubcaster Rai has premiered its new series "Nefertine" (26 episodes) on its OTT platform Rai Play and it will also launch on the preschool channel Rai Yoyo starting from May 10th.

A brave and curious 8-year-old girl is the protagonist of the series "Nefertine on the Nile" sets in Ancient Egypt, produced by Graphilm Entertainment (Italy), Wahoo! (Belgium) and Cyber Group Studios (France) in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi.  The international co-production is distributed worldwide by Cyber Group Studios.

Nefertine is the daughter of the Pharaoh's scribe. She has a unique ability for that time: she can read and write! This is why she aspires to become the first scribe-reporter in the history of Egypt. To exercise this talent, Nefertine records all the events in her papyrus-diary. Going into adventure like a real journalist, the reckless Nefertina easily gets into trouble. Fortunately, her trusted friends are always ready to help her.

Investigations, small fears and great discoveries are at the center of the stories full of fun and exploration. The group of friends lives many fantastic adventures exploring Pyramid’s tunnels, chasing mummies and uncovering secretes of the Sphinx!.