6 NOV 2023

RCTV International turns 70 years of successful television

Founded by William H. Phelps in Venezuela, RCTV delivered a path of successful productions, which continue to be in the memory of the audience with an outstanding trajectory in the history of television.

6 NOV 2023

RCTV International

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This November, RCTV International is celebrating its 70th anniversary. Founded by businessman William H. Phelps in Venezuela, RCTV delivered a path of successful productions, which continue to be in the memory of the audience with an outstanding trajectory in the history of television. The first program broadcast in 1953 was a musical program called "Fiesta," it emerged as a varied proposal that included performances by singers, dances, and comedy shows. An entertainment line that RCTV knew how to develop for decades. Informative and humorous programs were completed and gave increasing success to the TV channel.

Added to the regular programming, telenovelas have achieved extraordinary success since the first broadcast. In 1954, "Camay" became RCTV's first telenovela on national TV. In 1964, "Historia de tres Hermanas" was positioned as a favorite among the audience, while a year later, "El Derecho de Nacer" was declared the highest-rated broadcast of all time. RCTV highlights "Doña Bárbara", a telenovela that tells the story of a woman of substance named Bárbara (Marina Baura) until love confronts her with a regrettable fate, and the first historical telenovela, based on the Novel of the same name by writer Rómulo Gallegos, one of the greatest novelists of the 20th century, that became one of the first productions to be exported to Europe.

Then, RCTV began to produce and broadcast cultural and social telenovelas with characters that exposed aspects of Venezuelan and Latin American realities throughout the plot's outcome. The first production was "La Hija de Juana Crespo," followed in quality and notoriety by "La Señora de Cárdenas." This telenovela explored marriage relationships and the social principles of the time.

"Abigaíl" was another production that reached high ratings and became an iconic work. A television classic written by Inés Rodena. It was broadcast in over 20 countries and on at least 25 television channels worldwide. As the years went by, in 1992, "Por estas Calles" arrived. It is a drama that exposes social problems such as crime, corruption, and the life circumstances of the popular sectors and social crises. The success was absolute.

The telenovela "Kassandra" is another of the works that became a reference in the history of television. From the pen of writer Delia Fiallo, this original story won the Guinness Record as the best-selling telenovela in the international market, being one of the most-watched telenovelas in the world. RCTV's contemporary telenovelas, such as "La Mujer de Judas," "Juana La Virgen," and "Piel Salvaje", are telenovelas that had a great impact on television and make up the list of dramatic productions that continue to conquer audiences worldwide.

Just like telenovelas, RCTV offers outstanding movies or unitaries. Innovative comedy programs such as "Loco Video Loco", which is declared as one of the most popular hidden camera programs. A humorous program, "Radio Rochela," hit the top of popularity with high ratings becoming a favorite in Venezuelan homes. Horror series such as "Archives from Beyond ", a variety, news, and opinion programs, among others, are part of RCTV's outstanding original content. Today, with the arrival of new media, RCTV has also adapted to new production formats. There is no better example of this than "Almas en pena", RCTV's first series made for the streaming platform and on-demand content markets.