21 OCT 2019


Alongside the renowned writers José Ignacio Cabrujas and Salvador Garmendia, the distributor will offer its large catalog of remastered classics and its outstanding co-production “Almas en Pena”.


RCTV International will attending MipCancún with a wide range of remastered classic stories by worldwide renowned writers José Ignacio Cabrujas and Salvador Garmendia and its great highlight title in Mexico will be "Almas en Pena."

RCTV adapted some of its most outstanding novels to the unit format, also known as "Made for TV Movies" and after remastering, the classic stories are now in HD, incorporating a film look to master the greatness of its original creations.

The complete portfolio for MipCancún includes “La Señora de Cárdenas” (Mrs. Cardenas); “Natalia from 8 to 9” (Natalia 8 to 9); "Chao Cristina" (Goodbye Cristina); “Single and without Commitment” (Single and Ready to Mingle); "The Daughter of Juana Crespo", (The Daughter of Juana Crespo); “Silvia Rivas, Divorced” (Silvia Rivas, Divorced); “Pensión Amalia” (Under Amalia’s Roof) and “María Lionza”.


RCTV International will also bring to the international market its latest co-production "Almas en Pena" (Lost Souls), with an improved version with its original musical theme created especially for production. “The soundtrack of an audiovisual work is a fundamental element to enrich the narrative and special effects of the story. For ‘Almas En Pena’, nobody could have done it better than Rudy La Scala, a talented musician, composer and Singer”, said from the company. “La Scala captured the essence and mystery of the stories in this series, turning its music into a brilliant and suggestive melody called ALMAS only to capture the essence of such a unique genre of drama, fiction and suspense," they added.

This series of thirteen episodes tells the stories behind the legends of frightening fictional characters, typical of the Latin American imaginary. The stories of “what's behind these beings” and “who lingers between life and death” attract a group of young YouTubers who specialize in thrillers. They want to discover the mysteries hidden unaware of the enormous risks they will have to face throughout each story of the legends, told with the inspiration of the renowned writers, Martin Hahn and José Simón Escalona.