4 MAY 2021


The music entertainment show debuted on SBS6 scoring a 25.2% market share in the key demo (25-59), outperforming the slot average by 227%.


"Dream Duets"


The new Talpa's music entertainment show "Dream Duets" has debuted on SBS6 achiving impressive ratings in the Netherlands. The show reached 1.2 million viewers and scored a 25.2% market share in the key demo (25-59), outperforming the slot average by 227%.

"Dream Duets" was created by John de Mol’s Talpa and is produced by Talpa Entertainment Productions and distributed by Talpa Concepts.

In each episode of "Dream Duets", 6 well-known artists are welcomed by a hosting duo. They get the unique opportunity to sing and record a video duet with a singer with whom they would normally never be able to perform. Because that singer is no longer with us or because that singer is too big a star and therefore inaccessible. Each singer chooses a well-known song from a big artist. Not just any song, but a song that has a special meaning to them. Each video duet comes with a touching or funny story. From a first dance wedding song, to a song that reminds them of a special moment or of a loved one: anything is possible. In the weeks leading up to the show.

Thanks to the latest state-of-the-art techniques, they’ll play a lead role in a video clip of the original song. Before watching the video clip, we get to watch the making of the clip. The singers performed in front of a green screen, so they have no clue of the end result yet.

This is a surprise that will be revealed during the studio show. Watching the video clips together and sharing their stories, is bound to make for some emotional moments.


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