13 JAN 2023

TF1 Group signs deal with broadcasting players to promote French creativity

The French group has closed a three-year agreement with the trade bodies ANIMFRANCE, SATEV, SPECT, SPI, USPA, SEDPA, SACD AND SCAM.

13 JAN 2023

TF1 group

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The TF1 group, AnimFrance, SATEV, SPECT, SPI, USPA, SEDPA, SACD and SCAM have signed a three-year new partnership agreement in order to forge an ambitious, lasting partnership that will boost French creativity and keep pace with the transformations in the industry and changes in viewer behaviour.

The trade bodies representing audiovisual producers and distributors, rights-holders societies and the TF1 group have agreed on the following points: The TF1 group has renewed its commitment to invest 12.5% of its revenue in original drama, documentaries, cartoons, live shows and music videos.

To reflect changes in the way such works are exploited, the scope of the agreement now includes the Group’s online platforms: the freeview and pay-to-view streaming services on MYTF1, MYTF1 Max and TFOU Max. In addition, in line with its commitments to diversity, the TF1 group has for the first time pledged to invest in independently produced documentaries, which will account for 5.4% of the obligation; bolstered its support for the animation sector, with a new and higher sub-quota set at 5.2% of the obligation (including 4.8% for all-new works, and 3.6% for all-new independent works). The TF1 group has maintained the minimum quota for “original French works” at 90%, with the remainder allocated to works officially defined as “European” and it has renewed its commitment to independent production at 70% of its obligation.

This agreement gives the TF1 group access to all linear and non-linear rights (AVOD/FVOD and SVOD) for a period extended to 48 months for all independent productions to which it provides substantial funding (60% for documentaries and live shows, 50% for drama and cartoons). Below these thresholds, the TF1 group also enjoys longer access to non-linear rights than under the previous agreement, of up to 36 months.

Under the terms of the agreement, the TF1 group has undertaken, in accordance with the DTT Decree of 30 December 2021, not to access commercialisation mandates with delegated producers that have a distribution subsidiary or a master agreement with a distribution company (other than renewals of existing mandates).

This agreement significantly expands the TF1 group’s access to linear and non-linear rights across all genres covered by the obligation and – in the case of substantially funded works– for an extended period. This will enable the Group to develop non-linear exposure for its content and, in the medium term, to add significant catalogue depth to its digital offers.

The TF1 has entered into a sub-licensing deal with the France Télévisions and M6 groups for the screening of 28 matches from Rugby World Cup 2023, hosted in France from 8 September to 28 October. Thanks to this sub-licence, the TF1 group will enable all French viewers to watch the entire tournament – the biggest sporting event of the year – free of charge.

TF1, the tournament’s official broadcaster, will show all the big fixtures, starting on 8 September with the opening match between France and New Zealand. TF1 will show 20 matches (including three pool matches involving France), two quarter-finals (including the one involving France should they qualify), both semi-finals, the Bronze Final, and the Final. The France TV group will screen 10 matches (including France-Namibia), and the M6 group will show the other 18 games.