5 MAY 2021


With quality, diverse and balanced programming, the Spanish public channel reaches 100 million homes (450 million potential viewers) in more than 190 countries on five continents.


The Spanish public channel TVE announced that it has reached 100 million homes (450 million potential viewers) in more than 190 countries on five continents. International award for the best general channel (Hot Bird), bases its offer on a varied and quality programming, whose objective is to provide information and entertainment to a diverse and heterogeneous audience.

Its programming includes outstanding productions for its domestic channels and specific content, strengthening its commitment to its primary target audiences. This selection makes it a general entertainment channel with varied, quality content covering news & information, culture, current affairs, entertainment, and drama for all audience segments.

The main news is provided through news programmes such as "Telediario" (Daily News) and "Informe Semanal" (Weekly Report), backed by an extensive network of international correspondents. Its entertainment content consists of a wide range of drama, competition shows and magazines.

Its internationally acclaimed and award-winning productions include as "Cuéntame Cómo Pasó" (‘Tell Me How It Happened’, Emmy Awards nominee), "HIT", "Ministerio del Tiempo" (‘Ministry of Time’) and "Estoy Vivo" (‘I’m Still Alive’) and daily drama series such as "Acacias 38" and "Servir y Proteger" (‘Serve & Protect’), and the best of Spanish cinema such as "María (y los Demás)" (‘Maria (and the Rest)’). These are all key contents in its drama programming.

TVE provides culture and education for children, young people and adults through its informative and entertaining science, technology, literature, cinema and arts programming. Programmes such as "Aquí la Tierra" (countryside and food), "El Condensador de Fluzo" (history), "De Seda y Hierro" (living with disability), "El Escarabajo Verde" (nature, environment), "Metrópolis" (arts & culture), "En Portada" (world affairs), "Lunnis de Leyenda" (pre-school puppets & stories) and "La Aventura del Saber" (general knowledge) show that learning can be entertaining.

TVE has become a worldwide benchmark for Spanish-language general entertainment television thanks to the support of the real stars of this achievement: our viewers.

According to the most recent opinion survey, more than 76% of TVE viewers said they were satisfied with the channel and gave the public service broadcaster’s content an overall rating of 7.7 out of 10.

Our continued effort over more than 30 years of its history has given TVE a large share of the pay-TV market, especially in Europe and the Americas. It reaches almost 100% in countries as diverse as France, Portugal, Mexico, and Argentina, and especially relevant in places like the Philippines, Indonesia, Angola, Mozambique, Denmark, Hungary and Slovenia.

Recent partnerships for both real-time broadcast and VoD with relevant national, pan-regional and international groups such as Claro, Tigo, Altice, Televisa, Telecom, ETB, Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogotá, AMC, Liberty, VTR and Movistar, the popularity of some of TVE’s latest productions have demonstrated viewers’ strong emotional connection with series like "La Otra Mirada" and "La Caza. Monteperdido".