27 FEB 2020


The channel will launch a set of films from Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Bolivia and Spain and an special with Ricardo Darín and his son Chino Darín.


ViendoMovies, the channel owned by SomosTV premiers this March a set of Iberoamerican movies inluding “El Fútbol o Yo" (Argentina), “El Desentierro” (Spain), “Averno” (Bolivia), “Reinbou” (Dominican Republic), “Utopia” (Peru), “Histeria” (Mexico), “Mosh” (Dominican Republic) and “Los Perros” (Argentina). In addition, the channel’s audience can enjoy a movie cycle special of the famous Argentinian actor Ricardo Darín and his talented son Chino Darín.

Among the premiers for this month, the channel presents the comedy “El Fútbol o Yo”. Pedro (Adrián Suar) has a real passion for soccer, he is a real addict of the sport. This addiction is ruining his married life, so much so that Verónica (Julieta Díaz), his wife, begins to see unsustainable that her husband dedicates most of his time watching soccer. Because of watching a football game during working hours, Pedro gets fired. Veronica gives her husband an ultimatum: if Pedro wants to stay with her, he must chooses between the soccer and her.

ViendoMovies also highlights “Histeria” by director Carlos Meléndez with the performances of Héctor Kotsifakism, Sharon Zundel, Noe Hernández, Enrique Arreola and Fernando Becerril. "Histeria" tells the story of Federico Anduaga who is a shy architect that gets hired by an important company to build a residence, it is a big project for him. However, his boss is pushing him to participate in a corruption activity and build the residence with cheap materials. In this environment of abuse and corruption, Federico becomes an angry person who gradually dehumanizes himself.

From Spain comes the dramatic premiere of “El Desentierro”. Jordi has arrived in Levante to attend the funeral of an important Minister.  A sudden appearance of an Albanian woman in the town causes Jordi to investigate the past of his father, Pau, who disappeared 20 years ago. Jordi will have the help of his cousin Diego, son of the deceased politician. Together, they will start the quest to find Pau.

ViendoMovies also presents “Averno”. This comedy with a touch of fantasy is located in Averno, a place where the unreal meets the Andean inhabitants. The living and the dead coexist. Many have heard it named but very few have seen it. Tupah, a young shoeshiner must find this town to rescue his uncle.

For Argentine movie fans, ViendoMovies presents the Darín Cycle. Father and son, demonstrate their talent in this collection of successful films. Every Sunday of the month, fans of these Argentinian stars can enjoy “Muerte en Buenos Aires”, “Koblic”, “En Fuera de Juego” and “La Cordillera”.