8 DEC 2023

Yes TV premieres new documentary"#NOVA" as it starts its global expansion

yes Studios globally launch the film that chronicles the tragic events when Hamas terrorists executed and kidnapped hundreds of young people at the Supernova Psy-Trance Festival.

8 DEC 2023


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Israeli broadcaster and streamer yes TV has premiered "#NOVA" (1x52), a yes Original documentary, which also becomes available to broadcasters worldwide through sister company yes Studios. This poignant film, produced by Kastina Communications for yes Docu, with Dan Pe-er directing chronicles the tragic events of 7th October 2023, when Hamas terrorists executed and kidnapped hundreds of young people at the Supernova Psy-Trance Festival.

The Nova tribe, a community of over 10,000 psychedelic trance music enthusiasts, has, in recent years, gathered together for an annual outdoor festival. This year's event, held on 7th October in southern Israel, close to the border with Gaza, ended in tragedy, with the cold-blooded massacre of more than 300 partygoers and the abduction of a further 40.

During the days following the event, helmer Dan Pe'er, who was engaged in volunteer efforts to aid survivors, started receiving a multitude of video and audio clips from festival survivors. Collating these materials chronologically, he approached the acclaimed production company Kastina Communications ("The Chef"), and the result is this startling and heart-breaking film.

Guy Lavie, VP documentaries at yes TV: “The number of stories emerging from that awful Saturday is inconceivable, and the Israeli filmmaking community is fully committed to documenting these stories and sharing the realities of that dreadful day. While yes approaches such projects with caution, due to the ongoing war preventing a truly comprehensive perspective, '#NOVA', compiled solely from real-time footage, much of it exclusive —and with no testimonials nor commentaries—captures the genuine emotions and horror endured by thousands of music lovers, their families, and indeed our whole nation.”

Sharon Levi, managing director at yes Studios adds: “We’ve all seen some clips from this day on news bulletins worldwide but to have all of this extraordinary and exclusive footage combined into one linear timeline makes for a really powerful and visceral narrative, sharing the true horror of the atrocities. It may be an extremely difficult watch for some, but this is an important film – and while we are all praying for a peaceful resolution to this centuries-old conflict – it needs to be seen.”