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Content 27 MAY 2022

WinSing’s "GG-Bond: KFPC" season 3 makes its debut In China

27 MAY 2022
The animated hit series goes online on May 27 across OTT, IPTV platforms, and TV stations. Previous seasons have over 2.5 billion views online since their launches in May 2021.

Digital 26 MAY 2022

¿Cómo atraer, adquirir y fidelizar suscriptores en los servicios OTT?

26 MAY 2022
Para mejorar y retener los números de suscripción OTT, se necesita una estrategia que atraiga nuevos clientes. De eso conversaron en un webinar tres expertos de WSI, Jump y Hat Media Service.

Digital 25 MAY 2022

OTTera and TV Azteca to deliver Pay TV Channels to Samsung TV Plus

25 MAY 2022
The Pay-TV channels the companies are set to monetize and deliver are Azteca Uno Delay -1 hour, Corazón and Clic.

Research 23 MAY 2022

Global revenues from OTT content to reach US$224 billion in 2027

23 MAY 2022
Global revenues from OTT television episode and movies will reach US$224 billion in 2027, up from $135 billion on 2021. About $21 billion will be added in 2022 alone, according to Digital TV Research’s latest report.

Research 2 MAY 2022

Cable TV keeps decreasing while the SVOD market is also facing challenges

2 MAY 2022
While the number of cable/satellite subscribers continues to decline, the share of TV content viewers who rely only on streaming has continued its upwards trajectory, according to the just-released “State of Pay TV, OTT & SVOD 2022” report from Horowitz Research.